Sunday, February 27, 2011

Hydrogen Now

In the midst of rising oil prices and international instabilities, I am receiving numerous inquiries regarding hydrogen energy and why we are not doing anything to push it forward as part of our national energy policy.

Those who have followed my career know I have been a serious student of this question for over four decades.  I have driven hydrogen cars, lived in a hydrogen house, operated hydrogen buses, supported hydrogen mail delivery and much more.  (More information is available on the website: 

In recent years, I have devoted my hydrogen research efforts to developing an affordable and reliable hydrogen fuel cell with enough endurance to outlast the life of cars, to perfecting a safe method of storing hydrogen on board the vehicle, and, most importantly, to developing a commercially viable strategy for integrating hydrogen into the commercial energy "mix".  

In order for Hydrogen to emerge in it full potential of a pollution free fuel, affordable, and available to all, we will need the stars to align in the heavens, the price of fuel to continue to rise, more affordable sources of energy to extract hydrogen from water, and most important, a major breakthrough in a way to convert hydrogen efficiently into electricity and rotational energy.  I believe that this goal is achievable but not by the means that we are going after it.  It is going to require a genuine breakthrough, a real "new approach" to doing things.  For over 100 years the automobile engine is basically the same it was before.  It is not an efficient device.  It is time for something new -- something much better.  I believe it is coming.

While government has a role to play, in making workable regulations and even providing incentives when warranted, I believe that the way for Hydrogen to emerge into the mainstream is on the shoulders of the free enterprise.  It needs to be better -- safer, cleaner, and more affordable.  Then it will catch on overnight.  After watching and studying this for so long, I think that day is finally coming.  The world situation is right.  The problems with air pollution and greenhouse gases are beginning to get serious attention.  The economics are becoming the driving force.  Most important of all, the long lacking technologies that have been missing are beginning to emerge.  Yes, the stars are aligning, and the day of hydrogen is at hand.

There is nothing as powerful as an idea whose time has come (JulesVerne).

I have spent a lot of time thinking, working, testing, and dreaming about this technology.  I can only pray the pieces will come together while there is still time...Dr. Roger Billings