Sunday, February 27, 2011

Hydrogen Now

In the midst of rising oil prices and international instabilities, I am receiving numerous inquiries regarding hydrogen energy and why we are not doing anything to push it forward as part of our national energy policy.

Those who have followed my career know I have been a serious student of this question for over four decades.  I have driven hydrogen cars, lived in a hydrogen house, operated hydrogen buses, supported hydrogen mail delivery and much more.  (More information is available on the website: 

In recent years, I have devoted my hydrogen research efforts to developing an affordable and reliable hydrogen fuel cell with enough endurance to outlast the life of cars, to perfecting a safe method of storing hydrogen on board the vehicle, and, most importantly, to developing a commercially viable strategy for integrating hydrogen into the commercial energy "mix".  

In order for Hydrogen to emerge in it full potential of a pollution free fuel, affordable, and available to all, we will need the stars to align in the heavens, the price of fuel to continue to rise, more affordable sources of energy to extract hydrogen from water, and most important, a major breakthrough in a way to convert hydrogen efficiently into electricity and rotational energy.  I believe that this goal is achievable but not by the means that we are going after it.  It is going to require a genuine breakthrough, a real "new approach" to doing things.  For over 100 years the automobile engine is basically the same it was before.  It is not an efficient device.  It is time for something new -- something much better.  I believe it is coming.

While government has a role to play, in making workable regulations and even providing incentives when warranted, I believe that the way for Hydrogen to emerge into the mainstream is on the shoulders of the free enterprise.  It needs to be better -- safer, cleaner, and more affordable.  Then it will catch on overnight.  After watching and studying this for so long, I think that day is finally coming.  The world situation is right.  The problems with air pollution and greenhouse gases are beginning to get serious attention.  The economics are becoming the driving force.  Most important of all, the long lacking technologies that have been missing are beginning to emerge.  Yes, the stars are aligning, and the day of hydrogen is at hand.

There is nothing as powerful as an idea whose time has come (JulesVerne).

I have spent a lot of time thinking, working, testing, and dreaming about this technology.  I can only pray the pieces will come together while there is still time...Dr. Roger Billings


  1. YES!! Yes! I believe what you have said is so right and resonates with the cry from this laden earth and the need of her people to start changing their course. It is Time!

    I am reminded of a quote from President Ronald Reagan's speech "It's a Time for Choosing".....

    "...those who had the most to lose did the least to prevent its happening...."

    It seems to me this applies to Now. It is Time!

    For the Cause,
    ~Pajet Monet

  2. I am extremely grateful that your ideas and dreams are American based and remain American technology. My blood is also red, white, and blue. It is extremely refreshing to see that principles, morals, and ideas are not for sale to foreign interests. You are a great man, Dr. Billings. Keep up the good work.

    Bryan Miller

  3. I have been hoping that someone would move forward with this technology for a long time. I have watched your career for many years and I believe that if anyone can do it, you're the man. The time is so critical, we need to do this now.

    Dr. Jay Potter

  4. Oil can not be our main source of energy for long. There needs to be a change..
    Wish you best of luck.

    Dr. Omar Elkeelany

  5. While my blood runs true: red, white, and blue and I know you will do your best to bring this energy game-changer to the United States first (and midwest) - I completely understand the need to look at foreign interests if that is what is absolutely required to fulfill this. We are in dire need of energy reform globally and it would be a crisis to see this innovation sit on the vine any longer. I support you in your efforts however they may be launched.

  6. I'm behind you Roger. We must stop funding despots through our oil revenues. The future is Hydrogen!

  7. It is also a nice news about hydrogen "The researchers at the Charité University Medicine and the Humboldt University in Berlin, for the first time have managed to decipher the exact structural composition of a special hydrogen-forming enzyme"

    Biological Hydrogen

  8. I'm not sure if anyone else is impressed at the extraordinary character and integrity that Roger just expressed. How many people do you know that can turn down 3 billion? They say everyone has a price. I must confess I'd like to think I am that expensive but I am not likely to ever be proven like Roger has. I am encouraged by his integrity. That should be worthy of some George Washington award or something.

  9. Due to the facts we are on one planet ,

    Roger the world is one now,

    the industry is non existent when compared to oil industry, and I say that in a real way.

    the best way is to empower every individual to have information start building parts every when via
    3d printers local mechanic machines shops, local chem

    empower the whole world , the regulators will than be forced to change and regulate and be on back foot.

    and industry will be born . you know that.

    Start a Directive to share open source global basis, multiple site

    position to manufacture what you can do well and numbers will be done

    never stop sharing, once your gone a chapter will close.

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  11. I am proud to have met Dr. Billings & have followed his career since the 70's.
    He was a major inspiration in my life to follow a sustainable path as best I could. I hope we can get a green party minded president next time. As Dr. Billings spoke about in his book, coal can be converted to H2, it just takes the will.